Top 5 Myths and Questions of Artifical Grass !!

Top 5 Myths and Questions of Artifical Grass


Quite the contrary, the technology has come a long way from the days of the original nylon Astro Turf.

2.) "I don't want the black pellets getting in my house."

Our landscape turf products do not use CRUMB RUBBER infill, this is almost exclusively used on athletic fields for attenuation.

3.) It's too expensive, I will never get my money back.

Recent studies have shown that turf will pay for itself within the first 5 years.

*Home advisor shows that the average annual lawn maintenance cost for a natural grass lawn can run between $100 to $500 per month or $1200 to $6000 per year.

4.) Does Synthetic Turf Fade?

Turf is UV stabilized to provide colorfastness.  Most turf systems are warrantied for 8 years of more.

5.) Are all turf products the same?

NO!  Our turf is Made In America!  A variety of turf options are available today, some of which are coming overseas from places like china.  Simply stated not all turf products are made to the same standards and ours is “The Best Turf on the Market”!!

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